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  1. AutoLyric Update Log

    AutoLyric 6.1.0:

    • New:Vinyl turntable Visualization
    • Improve the performance of the background images transition effect; Add slide transition effect, randomly select the fading and sliding effects
    • Add features that can be set to do not give priority to download the lyrics with translation
    • Optimize the sorting of online lyrics search results, especially the sort of lyrics with translation
    • In full screen mode, add option to automatically save full screen mode settings
    • You can also display the timeline correctly when you have static lyrics or without lyrics
    • Fix: when converting, or when embedding lyrics, the karaoke rating of lyrics lost
    • Fix: A bug on Ti, AR label processing when saving lyrics
    Language File Update:


    AutoLyric 6.0.2:

    • Seperate the version of core component from other components.
    • Fixed:the feature of display language selection for multi-languages lyric do not take effect.

    AutoLyric 6.0.1:

    • Fixed:"Undo" feature acts abnormal of Lyric-Edit within 6.0.0 version

    AutoLyric 6.0.0:

    • Improving program structure, put all components in one directory when portable installation, share installation is no longer setting the PATH system variable
    • New: you can choose which language to display of multilingual lyrics. (Open via the right-click menu or the toolbar "L" icon)
    • New: language recognition feature for upload lyrics, eliminating the need to manually note the multilingual lyrics (this feature only supports Windows7 upper)
    • Added support for Internet radio lyrics display (requires the radio station support updating song title when changing songs)
    • Optimize the sorting of online lyrics search
    • New feedback features lyrics or content errors, and accurate verbatim the words the user rating feature (Open via the "★" icon on toolbar)
    • Improve the performance of Paste on lyric-edit window
    • New: custom content display when there are no lyrics
    • Ban possible JavaScript error message on online lyrics search window
    • Bug fixed: cannot embed lyric window with share installation on 64-bit system
    • Bug fixed: "reload lyric" loaded the modified lyric actually
    • Perfect support for AIMP player, AIMP upgrade no longer damages AutoLyric program
    • Enhanced compatibility with AIMP, fixed occasionally exception when start AIMP Player

    AutoLyric 5.7.0:
    ? Improved precision KaraOK lyric editing, inserting time more intelligent and reasonable, especially for Asian languages
    ? Improved full screen mode support for multiple monitors, full screen only applied to the current monitor
    ? Added lyric window completely embedded features to AIMP player, just add Panel named "AutoLyric" in AIMP skin
    ? Improved obtaining album art feature to AIMP, fixed failing to obtain album art while enter or exit full screen mode
    ? Fixed lyric edit bug in Windows10
    ? Fixed installation does not detect the previous version installed in 64-bit system
    ? Improved installer support for AIMP above 4.0

    AutoLyric 5.6.0:
    ?New:Background image slide-show feature for classic lyric window
    ?New:Full Screen feature,and you can save fullscreen view settings
    ?New:Lyric content margin settings can be dynamic values
    ?New Add background image display position styles
    ?New Add lyric file encoding option when saving
    ?Lyrics editor ignores the margin settings
    ?Premium Users can ignore the autolyric tag of lyrics downloaded before
    ?Improve the fad effect of one-line mode in image background style
    ?Perfecting a few details and fixed a number of issues
    ?Added support for iTunes for Windows visualization capabilities
    ?Support aimp version 3.6 or above(Using the new AIMP3 SDK), and added lyric embedding feature for AIMP3 (old version of AIMP3 should use AutoLyric 5.5.0 version)
    ?Added AutoLyric menu items in Foobar2000's main menu for script integration

    AutoLyric 5.5.0:
    ? Automatically skip punctuation when editing precise karaoke lyrics.
    ? Improve the performance of editing precise karaoke lyrics with "Hide Time-tag" enabled.
    ? New "album" and "genre" condition settings of "Diabled Auto-Search lyrics" feature.
    ? Slide setting of Volume is supported for Desktop lyrics and control toolbar.
    ? "Show toolbar on mouseclick+ctrl key" option is added.
    ? Fixed: editting lyrics when hide time-tag, "remove inter timestamp tool" will cause the english lyrics are accidentally deleted
    ? Fixed: when one line lyric of precise lyrics is too long, the karaoke no transition effects on desktop lrc style.
    ? Fixed: program exitting problem when desktop style lyrics is on, the problem may cause some computer AIMP3 player error

    AutoLyric 5.3.3:
    ?Added "Show toolbar on mouse click" option for classic lyric style window.
    ?The default save directory of Lyric Edit is consistent with the lyric download directory
    ?Fixed unnormal lyric cause program error issue

    AutoLyric 5.3.2:
    ?Improved dynamic smoothness of Desktop Lyric, fixed small problems of fade effect under special circumstances.
    ?No User Points be deducted, when free registered users download their upload lyrics.
    ?Improved the mechanisms of read and write embedded lyrics for Foobar2000, fixed Foobar2000 1.3 above can not delete / overwrite embedded lyrics issue.
    ?Fixed reading local unnormal UTF-8 lyric file uncompletely issue

    AutoLyric 5.3.1:
    ?Improve default font setting
    ?Fixed:in windows xp AutoLyric for Foobar2000 & AIMP3 fail to load
    ?Fixed:below windows 8, may causes Foobar2000 generate crash report

    AutoLyric 5.3:

    ?Added the ability to fine-tune timing offset of lyrics automatically according to the player
    ?Improve the mechanism for multitrack media files on the local-search-lyrics
    ?Improve the computation of matching index of lyrics-search
    ?New feature of classic lyrics window's toolbar, you can quickly zoom classic lyrics font size, and fast transform lyrics displayed vertically and horizontal display
    ?Improve skin and background features of classic lyrics style, improve performance, resolve several compatibility issues with win8.1
    ?Improve performance of fast rolling in classic lyrics style
    ?Upgrading 32-bit versions of classic lyrics display module, enhance the rendering of fonts
    ?Beautify the control window of Desktop lyrics, added the "online search" button
    ?Improve the lyric editing feature, improve performance, resolve several compatibility issues with win8.1 and other issues
    ?To enable or disable the arrow key shortcuts instead of clicking " Ctrl " key when editing lyrics, and added a toolbar button
    ?If the background color of Lyric-edit window is similar to gray, automatically change the colors to enhance the visibility of the cursor
    ?Improve the cancel-link feature in "Lyric Link" window
    ?Clean up some skin and pictures, reducing installation files, perfect initial default settings, improve some tips.
    ?Fixed: a bug of lyric rolling in classic style with 64bit version
    ?Fixed:A special way of the font settings cause stopping response of program
    ?Fixed:the taskbar notification area icons cannot be removed once in a while when exit
    ?Fixed:Saving a plain text lyric may cause odd blank lines
    ?Fixed:Reading embedding lyric problem of Foobar2000 Above 1.3 version
    ?Fixed:Classic window may not show when pin to Aimp3 player
    ?Resolve the compatibility issue of handling multi-tracks of Aimp3 player
    ?Other updates

    This version of AutoLyric recompiled using the latest compliling tools. In addition, the use Foobar2000 latest SDK, may resolve some strange problems, but previous versions of Foobar2000 below 1.1 may have to use the old AutoLyric.


    AutoLyric 5.2.1 :
    Improved:Identify non-timetag [] character when editing lyric;
    Improved:Identify continuous time-tag in special situation;
    Fixed:setting problem of transparent background of classic lyric;

    AutoLyric 5.2 :
    New:Hide time-tag lyric edit mode;
    Other updates.

    AutoLyric 5.1.1 :

    Fixed:32bits program close-problem ;

    AutoLyric 5.1 :
    New:Core program natively support 64 bits system;
    New:Natively support 64 bits Windows Media Player;
    Improved:Desktop Lyrics showes Instantly when Switch to Desktop lyric, not necessarily waiting for next lyric;
    Improved:Initial window position support multipal display;
    Fixed:Click-through problem of system skin or no-frame skin of classic lyric window;
    Fixed:focus problem of online-search window;
    Fixed:Desktop lyric karaoke transition problem of AIMP3;
    Other updates.


    AutoLyric 5.0 :
    New:AutoLyric Chinese name changed to“可道歌词” from "奥特歌词",change AutoLyric Icon;
    New:Support AIMP3 Player;
    New:Image Style of Desktop Lyric;
    New:Intermittent roll style of Classic Lyric's Multi-line mode;
    New:Image background of classic Lyric;
    New:Classic Lyric support embedding into Winamp window;
    Improved:Improve official website server, lyrics server performance and capacity, the official website re-development, improve user points mechanism;
    Improved:Improve classic lyric window pin to Winamp player;
    Improved:Skin engine enhancements, support for image skin;
    Improved:Font can be set independently for Desktop lyric  and classic lyric; 
    Improved:Desktop lyric karaoke transition smoother;
    Improved:Desktop lyric window beyond the screen automatically corrects on the next start ;
    Improved:The classic lyric show mode remains unchanged when Switch to Desktop lyric;
    Improved:Information in Classic lyric window also supports special effects;
    Improved:Improved multi-line scrolling lyrics classic initial position;
    Improved:Improved Latin lyrics karaoke characteristic star rating;
    Improved:Improve web search related tips;
    Improved:Adjust right-click menu;
    Improved:Remember last options window Page;
    Improved:foobar2000 AutoLyric pane support border styles;
    Fixed:User password contains special characters, logon prompt for password error;
    Fixed:Search Or upload lyrics, if the contents contain special characters, leading to failure;
    Fixed:bug of downloading plain text lyrics for Users of 0 points;
    Fixed:Fixed conflicts with a third party Foobar2000 plugin, fixed the bug font size can not be changed;
    Other updates.


    AutoLyric 3.7 :
    New:Feature of Minimizing lyric time-tag, make accurate Kara OK lyrics editing more comfortable;
    Improved:Font compatibility;
    Improved:Optimize the lyric online-search strategy;
    Improved:Desktop lyric showes together with classic lyric window of Real embedding;
    Improved:Tool box of Lyric editing improvement;
    Improved:Compatible with lyrics of non-standard windows line-breaking;
    Improved:Resolve the effect of WMP native timing bug;
    Improved:Adjust strategy of accessing embedding lyrics to WMP;
    Fixed:Some special fonts cause error of desktop lyric show;
    Fixed:bug of font scaling in lyric editing.
    Other updates.

    AutoLyric 3.6.1 :
    Fixed:Users Auto Login failed in special case;
    Fixed:Big exact line space setting causes wrong Line Height in special case;
    Fixed:"Find and Replace" function bug in lyric edit window;

    AutoLyric 3.6 :
    New:Fade effect for desktop lyric show;
    New:Outline config for desktop lyric show;
    New:Real embedding to player UI feature;
    New:Foobar2000 CUI/DUI panel embedding;
    Improved:Optimize the lyric online-search strategy;
    Improved:Lyric online-search result display;
    Improved:Support more lyric file encoding, support non-normal file encoding;
    Improved:Better experience for some operations;
    Fixed:Non-normal UTF8 file causes runtime error;
    Fixed:Non topmost return causes topmost player to non-topmost;
    Fixed:Desktop lyric window Always hides automatically in case of no lyric found;
    Fixed:Compatibility issues of Window combination feature and new-version Winamp;
    Other updates;

    AutoLyric 3.5 :
    New:Line Spacing config for classic lyric show style;
    New:User Login;
    New:Hide taskbar notification area icon;
    New:Auto-Search filters;
    New:Auto-convert of simplified and traditional Chinese on lyric download;
    New:Support UTF8 encoding lyric file;
    Improved:Window attaching feature;
    Improved:Lyric edit window properties;
    Improved:Window auto-hide feature;
    Improved:Local search for Chinese lyrics;
    Improved:Desktop lyric window could be sized to less height;
    Improved:Lyrics Online-search strategy;
    Improved:Automatically load lyric when wmp plays on openning;
    Improved:AutoLyric installation;
    Other updates;

      . . . . . .