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  1. Premium User

    If you like AutoLyric,please upgrade to AutoLyric premium user, get the best service and support the development and maintenance of AutoLyric. ?

    Free User Register Now (free)      When free or 0 point users download lyrics, AutoLyric label will be added in the end of the lyrics , and there are user-upgrade reminder text and embeded AD on search online dialog ;
         When user uploads lyrics,the user points will increase if the lyrics pass check;
         When user downloads lyrics, the user points will decrease.
    Premium User Support Now (6 Months Premium User)
    Support Now (12 Months Premium User)
         For Premium User, no AutoLyric label added, and no reminder text displayed;
         When Premium User downloads lyrics, user points will not decrease;
         Premium User: 5USD/6months, 9USD/12months.
    Supreme User Support Now      Supreme User are the users who support AutoLyric a lot, including the Premium Users of 24 months

    When using AutoLyric, you could login or check user-points by the AutoLyric right-button menu "User Login", and get the better service.