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  • Title:Obsession
  • Artist:SoMo
  • Album:A Beautiful November
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    Oh, oh, you know I don't smoke on Sunday
    Gotta be a day to rest
    You know that sometimes it's hard to let down my guard
    Still I try my best
    You've been holding on to something
    I've been on a satellite
    Running round and round this wolrd
    Like a vagabond till the end of time, oh
    Ain't no coming back
    If you say goodbye ain't no coming back, oh
    You had no obsession with the life
    Just wanted affection in the night, oh
    You had no direction from a sign
    We had disconnection on the line, oh

    You told me that you didn't want this on your own
    (You wanted things, you wanted things
    You wanted things on your own)
    You told me that you didn't want this all alone
    Well who am I to put in miles, on your heart?
    You know I don't drink on Sundays
    Guessing that today's my test
    Still I try my best, oh