• Title:In Vain
  • Artist:Within Temptation
  • Album:Resist (Extended Deluxe)
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    In Vain - Within Temptation
    Lyrics by:Sharon den Adel/William Knox
    Composed by:Sharon den Adel/Daniel Gibson/Robert Westerholt
    Beautify all I know know know keep on dancing
    Let it all all turn to gold gold
    When the dream touches ground ground
    The demons walk in and I know know what awaits awaits
    A priceless glory
    Memento mori
    All for nothing now
    I know
    Nothing of the heart remains
    Even if we could've stayed
    We've been here long enough
    Long enough to know it's all in vain
    Everything we tried to say
    Up until the final day
    I guess we said enough
    Said enough to know it's all in vain
    All in vain
    See the world through a tear tear keep on breathing
    Salt has dried dried you're not here here
    Just a heartbeat away away the demons walk in walk in
    Now I know know know it's too late too late
    A priceless glory glory
    Memento mori mori
    I know know
    Took the memories but I can feel them fading
    All our vanities there's nothing left to save me now
    I can take 'em 'cross the border
    Leaving everything we have for you to find it
    Every time I walk away I wanna turn around
    I wanna turn around
    But nothing of the heart remains
    We said enough to know it's all in vain
    Yeah yeah yeah