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    AutoLyric Current Version 6.1.0

    • New:Vinyl turntable Visualization
    • Improve the performance of the background images transition effect; Add slide transition effect, randomly select the fading and sliding effects
    • Add features that can be set to do not give priority to download the lyrics with translation
    • Optimize the sorting of online lyrics search results, especially the sort of lyrics with translation
    • In full screen mode, add option to automatically save full screen mode settings
    • You can also display the timeline correctly when you have static lyrics or without lyrics
    • Fix: when converting, or when embedding lyrics, the karaoke rating of lyrics lost
    • Fix: A bug on Ti, AR label processing when saving lyrics


    more update log

    System requirements:Windows XP ; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 10.


    Free Download AutoLyric:

    Download from local (AutoLyric 6.1.0)

    Download from OneDrive (AutoLyric 6.1.0)

    Download from NetDisk (AutoLyric 6.1.0)


    Download AutoLyric Interface Languages Translated by Users:

    Chinese-Traditional (6.1.0) by masterleotaiwan

    Indonesian (6.1.0) by HiM

    Indonesian (6.0.0-6.0.2) by HiM